Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS, v.v.i.

Membrane Separation Group headed by Pavel Izák

Fields of research

PERVAPORATION – dehydration of alcohols, separation of azeotropic mixture, etc.

GAS PERMEATION – separation of binary or multi-component mixtures containing carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulphide etc.

VAPOUR PERMEATION – separation of volatile organic compound from nitrogen feed stream representing waste air

PERTRACTION – separation of enantiomers

IONIC LIQUID MEMBRANE – separation of gases or vapours by new type of membranes

DATA PROCESSING AND CHEMICAL-ENGINEERING MODELLING – evaluation of transport properties such as permeability, activation energy of permeation and selectivity of process

Are you interested to know how ionic liquids change transport and selective parameters of polymer membranes? A new method for raw biogas purification and carbon dioxide separation by a "condensing liquid membrane" is presented. If yes, you can find some information about already published works or about running projects on our website.

Applied research
• Separation of unwanted components from raw biogas
• Separation of volatile organic compound from air
• Separation of racemic mixtures
• Separation of polar and nonpolar gasses