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ICPF - Department of Analytical Chemistry

Department of Analytical Chemistry

See also Annual Report 2008 of the Department which includes research projects, international cooperations, visitors&visits, teaching activities, and list of papers.


Head: Jan Sykora
Deputy: Jan Schraml

Research staff: Vratislav Blechta, Petra Curinova, Rami Dimitrov, Jan Horacek, Jindrich Karban, Lucie Kostejnova, Eva Machackova, Ludmila Soukupova, Petr Velisek
Part time: Darja Hasalikova

Fields of research

Applied research

Running research projects

NEW - Dehydrocoupling reactions catalyzed by titanium complexes
(J. Sykora, joint project with JH IPC, and ICT, supported by GACR, grant No. GA203/09/1574, 2008-2011 [9313] )

29Si-NMR structural analysis of branched organosilicon polymers and its application in LC-NMR
(J. Kurfurst, supported by GACR, grant No. GP203/08/P412, 2008-2010 [9312] ) - Report 2008

Structure of silyl moieties through J(29Si-13C) couplings as determined by triple {1H,13C}29Si NMR experiments
(J. Schraml, supported by ASCR, grant No. IAA400720706, 2007-2011 [9101] ) - Report 2008

Reactivity of asymetrically substituted epimino pyranoses
(J. Karban, joint project with CU, supported by ASCR, grant No. IAA400720703, 2007-2009 [9100] ) - Report 2008

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