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ICPF - Department of New Process in Chemistry and Biotechnology

Department of New Process in Chemistry and Biotechnology

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Head: Jan Cermak
Deputy: Gabriela Kuncova

Research staff: Lucie Cervenkova Stastna, Frantisek Kastanek, Alena Krupkova, Ywetta Maleterova, Stanislav Sabata, Jan Storch, Jaroslav Zadny

PhD students: Tomas Strasak

Fields of research

Applied research

Running research projects

NEW - Novel inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterials
(Z. Sabata, joint project with ICT, IMC and Univ. West Bohemia, Plzen, supported by ASCR, project No. IAAX08240901, 2009-2013 [5107] )

NEW - Calixarene-porphyrin conjugates for selective complexation and separation of fullerenes
(Z. Sabata, joint project with ICT and IIC, supported by GACR, project No. GA203/09/0691, 2009-2012 [5329] )

Enzymatically catalyzed synthesis of alkyd resins
(G. Kuncova, joint project with SYNPO Pardubice, supported by MIP, project No. MPO 2A-3TP1/108, 5/2008-2011 [5409] ) - Report 2008

Monitoring and remediation of environmental pollution with advanced organic-inorganic materials MOREPIM
(G. Kuncova, supported by MEYS, KONTAKT project No. ME 892, 5/2007-2011 [5407] ) - Report 2008

Whole cell optical sensors (WOCOS)
(G. Kuncova, supported by MEYS, KONTAKT project No. ME 893, 5/2007-2011 [5408] ) - Report 2008

The structure and synthetic applications of transition metal complexes
(J. Cermak, joint project with JH IPC, CU, and ICT, supported by MEYS, project No. LC06070, 3/2006-2010 [5406] ) - Report 2008

Polymeric antidegradants based on liquid polybutadienes, polysiloxanes and their block copolymers
(J. Hetflejs, joint project with IMC, SYNPO Pardubice, and UPa, supported by GACR, grant No. GA203/07/0987, 2007-2009 [5327] ) - Report 2008

Interaction of organic-inorganic matrices with immobilized biological material
(G. Kuncova, supported by MEYS, OC COST project No. OC121, 3/2006-3/2009 [5405] ) - Report 2008

Optical chemical sensors - OPTISENS
(G. Kuncova joint project with University of Maribor, Slovenia, supported by MEYS, KONTAKT project No. MEB 090817, 3/2008-2009 [5410] ) - Report 2008

The research and verification of the method of catalytic dehalogenation of underground water from industrial sources by bimetallic permeable reactive barriers
(F. Kastanek, joint project with Analytical Laboratories Plzen, and CZ BIJO, supported by MIT, IMPULS project No. FI-IM3/050, 4/2006-4/2009 [5404] ) - Report 2008

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