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ICPF - E. Hala Laboratory of Thermodynamics

E. Hala Laboratory of Thermodynamics

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Head: Karel Aim
Deputy: Martin Lisal

Research staff: Adela Andresova, Magdalena Bendova, Grozdana Bogdanić, Jan Jirsak, Jan Linek, Alexandr Malijevsky, Lenka Moravkova, Jan Pavlicek, Zuzana Petrusova, Zdenek Wagner, Ivan Wichterle
Part time: Ivo Nezbeda, Milan Predota

Technical staff: Svatoslava Bernatova

PhD students: Lubomir Krabac, Stanislav Parez, Zbysek Posel

From the left: J. Linek, M. Bendova, Z. Sedlakova, K. Machanova, M. Lisal, I."Zrzek" Nezbeda, K. Aim, S. Parez, M. Predota, I. Wichterle, J. Pavlicek, Z. Wagner
Missing: S. Bernatova, L. Krabac, J. Jirsak, A. Malijevsky, L. Moravkova, L. Vlcek

Fields of research

Applied research

Running research projects

High-pressure phase equilibrium and p-V-T behaviour
(Z. Sedlakova, supported by GACR, grant No. GP203/09/P141, 2009-2011 [231030] ) - Report 2009

P-V-T Behaviour of liquid mixtures constituting engine biofuels - experimental determination, correlation and prediction
(M. Linek, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/09/0666, 2009-2011 [231020] ) - Report 2009

Determination of the phase and state behaviour of fluids and fluid mixtures for processes at superambient conditions: molecular-based theory and experiment
(K. Aim, joint project with UJEP, and CTU, supported by ASCR, grant No. IAA400720710, 2007-2011 [211010] ) - Report 2009

Computer modeling of structural, dynamical and transport properties of fluids in nanospace
(M. Lisal, joint project with South Bohemia University, Ceske Budejovice, supported by GACR, grant No. GA203/08/0094, 2008-2011 [231010] ) - Report 2009

Simple and complex models of aqueous solutions: The effect of nonadditive interactions
(I. Nezbeda, supported by ASCR, grant No. IAA4007720802, 2008-2012 [211020] ) - Report 2009

Novel technology of preparation of molecularly imprinted polymeric materials
(I. Wichterle, supported by MZOŠ-RH, project No. 061-0-3029, 2009-2010) - Report 2009

EFCE WP "Fluid Separations"
(M. Bendova, supported by MEYS, INGO project No. LA 320, 3/2007-3/2011 [241010] ) - Report 2009

NEW - Phase equilibria for the design of energy efficient separation processes
(I. Wichterle, supported by ICPF, 2010 [291010] )

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