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ICPF - Department of Multiphase Reactors

Department of Multiphase Reactors

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Head: Marek Ruzicka

Research staff: Jaromir Havlica, Sandra Kordac Orvalho, Vera Penkavova, Miroslav Simcik, Petr Stanovsky, Jaroslav Tihon, Valentin Tovcigrecko, Jiri Vejrazka, Ondrej Wein, Maria Zednikova
Part time: Jiri Drahos

PhD students: Lukas Kulaviak, Lucie Vobecka

Fields of research

Running research projects

NEW - Dynamics of bubble formation at submerged orifices: Simultaneous formation and synchronous regimes
(P. Stanovsky, supported by ASCR, grant No. KJB200720901, 2009-2011 [4104] )

NEW - Determination of coalescence efficiency of bubbles in liquids
(S. Kordac Orvalho, supported by GACR, grant No. GP104/09/P255, 2009-2011 [4331] )

NEW - WWall effects in flowing microdispersion liquids: apparent slip and electrokinetic potential
(O. Wein, joint project with TU Ostrava, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/09/0972, 2009-2011 [4332] )

Transport and reaction processes in complex multiphase systems
(J. Drahos, joint project with ICT and UPa, supported by GACR, grant No. GD104/08/H055, 2008-2011 [4330] ) - Report 2008

Analysis of hydrodynamic forces acting on bubbles by PIV measurements
(J. Vejrazka, supported by ASCR, grant No. IAA200720801, 2008-2010 [4102] ) - Report 2008

Hydrodynamics of bubble-particle interactions under liquid circulation
(M. Zednikova, supported by ASCR, grant No. KJB200720801, 2008-2010 [4103] ) - Report 2008

Effect of the surface roughness, ohmic resistance, and electrode kinetics on autocalibration of electrodiffusion friction probes
(O. Wein, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/08/0428, 2008-2010 [4329] ) - Report 2008

Hydrodynamic concept of stromatactis formation in geology
(M. Ruzicka, joint project with Institute of Geology ASCR, supported by ASCR, grant No. IAAX00130702, 2007-2011 [4101] ) - Report 2008

Hydrodynamics and transport phenomena in multiphase systems: from microscale to macroscale
(M. Ruzicka, joint project with TU Ostrava, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/07/1110, 2007-2011 [4328] ) - Report 2008

Integrated multiscale process units with locally structured elements (IMPULSE)
(J. Hanika, V. Jiricny, J. Drahos, 6th FP integrated project, Priority 3 NMP, supported by EU under Contract No. 011816-2, 2005-2008 [0001]) - Report 2008

Presidency of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE)
(J. Drahos, supported by MEYS, INGO project No. LA 319, 2007-2010 [4404]) - Report 2008

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