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ICPF - Department of Separation Processes

Department of Separation Processes

See also "Laboratory of Supercritical Fluid Extraction"

See also Annual Report 2008 of the Department which includes research projects, international cooperations, visitors&visits, teaching activities, and list of papers.


Head: Vladimir Jiricny

Research staff: Jiri Hanika, Pavel Izak, Marie Kacirkova, Jiri Kristal, Roman Petrickovic, Jirina Reznickova, Milena Rouskova, Marie Sajfrtova, Katerina Setnickova, Helena Sovova, Petr Stavarek, Petr Uchytil
Part time: Vladimir Stanek, Martin Topiar, Hana Vychodilova

Technical staff: David Karfik, Marta Koptova, Dalibor Vlcek

PhD students: Magda Karaszova, Zuzana Vajglova, Magdalena Vondrackova, Zdenka Zachova

Fields of research

Applied research

Running research projects

NEW - Chemical degradation of polybrominated difenyl ethers
(V. Jiricny, joint project with Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology ASCR, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/09/0880, 2009-2011 [1324] )

NEW - Study of polymeric membrane swelling and make use of this efect for increasing its permeability
(P. Uchytil, joint project with IMC, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/09/1165 , 2009-2012 [1325] )

Ionic membranes for selective separation of liquid mixtures by pervaporation
(P. Izak, joint project with ICT, supported by GACR, grant No. GA104/08/0600, 2008-2011 [1322] ) - Report 2008

Determination of biological activity and chemical composition of selected tropical and subtropical Ranunculaceae species
(H. Sovova, joint project with Czech University of Agriculture, and IOCB, supported by GACR, grant No. GA525/08/1179, 2008-2010 [1323] ) - Report 2008

Optimization of supercritical fluid extraction for maximal yield of biologically active substances from plants
H. Sovova, joint project with Research Institute of Plant Production and Agra Group, supported by MEYS, project No. 2B06049, 7/2006-6/2011 [1407] ) - Report 2008

Supramolecular materials based on natural phytosterols for applications in biology
H. Sovova, joint project with IOCB, ICT, and Chemispol, supported by MEYS, project No. 2B06024, 7/2006-6/2011 [1408] ) - Report 2008

Mass transport during membrane permeation and pervaporation
(P. Uchytil, joint project with University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, supported by MEYS, KONTAKT project No. ME 889, 5/2007-2011 [1409] ) - Report 2008

Reclaiming of phytosterols and other valuable compounds from waste tall soap/oil
(A. Heyberger, joint project with Technological Park Chomutov, and Institute of Systems Biology and Ecology ASCR, supported by ASCR, project No. 1QS400720504, 2005-2009 [1601] ) - Report 2008

Porosity investigations of swollen PolyHYPEs using ISEC method
(K. Jerabek, joint project with University of Maribor, Slovenia, supported by MEYS, KONTAKT project No. MEB 090811, 3/2008-12/2009 [1410] ) - Report 2008

Integrated multiscale process units with locally structured elements (IMPULSE)
(J. Hanika, V. Jiricny, J. Drahos, 6th FP integrated project, Priority 3 NMP, supported by EU under Contract No. 011816-2, 2005-1/2009 [0001] ) - Report 2008

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